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It's time to "Get Back To Basics" and put our students FIRST. Students need proven, effective teaching methods to become proficient in the basic skills.

Reading must be the top priority, using systematic, intensive PHONICS. Fundamentally schools achieve higher scores at lower cost.

We must stop experimental programs such as Common Core used in most or all of our Josephine County schools. Fewer federal programs will free up our teachers to teach.

Three Rivers School District Report Card needs much improvement. Current statistics show:

  Third Grade English Proficiency is at      43%

  Eighth Grade Math Proficiency is at      35%

  Twelfth Grade Graduation Tracking is at      68%

And these stats are even below the state's test scores that are also very dismal.

    The best way to improve reading scores is to provide teachers with only the best phonics-based reading instruction programs. We also need rigorous teaching programs for mastering spelling, grammar, and writing skills.

    Re-examine Common Core,  the dubious government standard for math instruction.  We need to get "back to basics" and teach fundamentals if we want our students' math scores to improve.

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