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    Reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance in all 3-Rivers School District classrooms.

    Reinstate the foundation of American history and the United States Constitution.

    Celebrate and provide a strong foundation of the following National Patriotic Holidays in all schools to all students in the Three Rivers School District:

   January 21 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

    February 18 -  President's Day,  strongly  emphasizing President George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan

   May 27 - Memorial Day

   Flag Day  June 14

   July 4 -  Declaration of Independence Day

   September 17  -  U.S. Constitution Day

   October 14  -  Columbus Day

   November 11  -  Veterans Day

   December 7  -   Pearl Harbor Day

Therefore, we need to provide programs that will instill a strong sense of patriotism in our students.  We need to provide teachers with honest and ACCURATE facts in instructional materials and text books in order to give students a solid background in American History and our U.S. Constitution.

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