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  Judy's Concerns  

Most of the style of teaching in classrooms is either group learning, or computers in front of the students instead of the teacher in front of the classroom. Students need to do their own work in the classroom instead of replying on other students in group settings.  Most of this stems from the new educational philosophy coming from the government promotion  of Common Core.

I am concerned that all schools in the district seem to start and end at different times. Some students in the district start his or her school day as late at 10:10 AM in the morning.  This puts a great burden on working parents with 8 AM to 5 PM jobs.

Some students have shared with me that they are not allowed to bring home text books from the classroom. Therefore there is no way for parents to monitor what's being taught in the classroom.

The Three Rivers School District Budget for Fiscal Year 2017/2018 is $51,717,231.00 However, 74% of that budget goes to Personnel  -  over 630 permanent employees. This includes the increased PERS liability that has eliminated 5 instructional (student contact days) from the 2017-2018 school year calendar. That means $130,000.00 each day from Three Rivers School District General Fund.  This information comes directly from the Three Rivers School District web site.

School Bonds concern me since they have to be paid back with interest. Consider Three Rivers School District Bonds:

General Bonds:  $8,700,000.00; 

 Other Bonds  $22,650,000.00;

Other Borrowing  $111,678.000.

Total Borrowing: $31,461,678.00

Plus: The Interest Rate on these bonds:  9.2%

And some of these bonds won't be paid off until 2028    WOW !

Sadly Student Enrollment is 4,500 students which is down from previous years

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