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    To re-examine program spending so that education dollars are spent on strong academic programs.

    To make sure academic achievement is our number 1 priority above all other programs in our "Three River School District".

Statistics show the following, unacceptable proficiency percentages:

Third Grade English Proficiency of only: 43%

Eigth Grade Math Proficiency only: 35%

And, Twelfth Grade Tracking for Graduation only: 68%

Your newly elected Three River School District Board should address this problem by:

    Having only the best phonics-based reading instructions used in the early grades and by promoting rigorous teaching programs for mastering spelling, grammar, and writing skills.

    Re-examining Common Core, the dubious government statdard for math instruction. The Three River School District needs to get "back to basics" and teach fundamentals if we want our students' math scores to improve.

    The Three River School District Board needs to provide our teachers with honest and accurate instructional materials in order to give our students a solid background in American History and the United States Constitution.

    Providing programs that instill strong patriotism in our students, including having all classes begin each day with the "Pledge of Allegiance" to our United States of America Flag, followed by a minute of silence.

Let's make our 3-Rivers Schools great again! I would appreciate your support and vote on May 21, 2019


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